Family Orientation for K-8 is on August 28 and August 29 for K only.

You will receive an email from Mrs. Sharma late August indicating your child's teacher.

Please make sure you have registered with SchoolSoft so you are able to book your time.



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-  During the morning drop off parents/guardians may drop off the students in the courtyard.  Once the students begin entering the building we are asking all parents to exit through the outside gates, not taking shortcuts through the washroom area and school.  

-  Those parents that are at school to volunteer and drop off, also exit through the outside gates and re-enter the school through the front doors, sign in at the office and pick up a volunteer tag.

-  If you are picking up students during the school day please just wait in the office area until your child meets you there.

- When picking up your children at the end of the day, we request that you wait just outside the back school gate. 

Essentially, what we require is that during the school day the only people inside building will be staff, students, and volunteers signed in with tags. 

 Thank you for keeping our building Safe and Secure!

Proposed Field Trips for 2017-18


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