Our Campus

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As a tuituion-free public education alternative, FFCA offers distinctive educational programs that enable students to achieve academic excellence and develop strong character.

  • Young students master reading and spelling through explicit phonics in a literature-rich environment.
  • Students acquire knowledge and skills in a systematic way under the direct instruction of the teacher.
  • Students learn via structured, sequential program. They advance to the next level when mastery is achieved.
  • Parents are meaningfully involved in the education of their children.
  • The character of each student is developed through instructional programs that emphasize personal responsibilty and enhance leadership capacity.
  • A common approach to classroom management is based upon consistent expectations, maximized student engagement, high time on task and effective time management.
  • Students are required to practice skills and acquire positive learning habits through daily homework.
  • Graduates of FFCA are critical thinkers, effective communicators, skilled problem solvers and self-directed learners.

Key Information

  • FFCA offers distinctive eduacational programming to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.
  • Growth in the student population at FFCA is managed from the Kindergarten enrollment base. Vacancies at other grade levels are filled from the wait list.
  • FFCA's multiple campuses are located in all quadrants of the city.
  • Students at FFCA wear school uniforms
  • At FFCA strongly supports continous teacher development as a vehicle to foster excellence in teaching and learning.

Our mission at FFCA is.........

To provide a safe and caring environment where academic excellence, character development, parental involvement and staff leadership are valued and fostered.